Sunday, October 28, 2007

Added RRS Feed to My Blog

Today I found a way to add RRS feed to my blog. You will find RRS and a link in my blog page on lower right side. I'll update my feed so that any subscribes can get updated posts on my blog.

I have been using RRS feed a lot for many web sites. It is very convenient way to access my favorite sites and read new posts/feeds. For example, I have added a RRS folder in my browser's Bookmark Toolbar. When I find a good site with RRS feed link, I always add the feed to my RRS folder. As a result, I can get latest updates on these pages when I open my browser.

BBloger provides a setting feature to add RRS. There is a Site Feed Tab in BBloger's settings. Based on the recommendation, I used FeedBurner to generate my feeds. I guess that I have to log in to the link to update my feeds whenever I update my blogs. Hopefully, you will like this feature if you are interested in my blog.

By the way, I have to add my RRS link manually from my blog template. BBloger's templates are very easy to update. There are many commented-out paragraphs in the template. I removed the comment tags and added my RRS text and link, then my RRS is available on my blog page. It's great and exiting to add this feature to my blog!