Saturday, October 11, 2008

Web Tools: FireBug and Smushit

Two great tools for Web developers: FireBug and

FireBug provides a view panel on the bottom with a lots of options to view such as Console, HTML, CSS, Script, DOM and more. If you click on Inspect to toggle it on, then you can hover your web page to see selections with updates on FireBug panel. I think it will save a lots of time for Web-developers to debug their web-pages. You may find out more about what actually in your client side web page codes when you debug your ASP.Net applications. is a great tool by some Google developers. You simply upload your image and to see how much it can smush. For example, I posted a blog on my Mac log with png image. After, it reduces 37%. The logic is very simple. It tries to turn off some image bits which will not make much difference in view. I'll use this tool to reduce my images on web. It for-sure will make your web page much faster for your clients!