Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Enabling PHP for Apache Server in Leopard

While I was doing coding to learn Dojo, I reached one point that I needed PHP module enabled for my Mac Apache server. By default, it is not enabled.

I found information about enabling PHP for Apache Server. The steps are very simple, however, I did not have the right to edit the file httpd.config in /private/etc/apache2. The file is owned by root user. Soon, I found a way to edit the file: logging as root user, see my Mac blog entry.

After all these settings, I made my Dojo page working with php page. Basically, Dojo web page calls the server side php page to pass information back. It is very cool. This is also my first experience with PHP web page development. One lesson I learned is that for a php page, you have to indicate it by <?php and no space between ? and php.