Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dojo Chart Library

I read an article about Dojo Now With Chart Tools by Mattew Russell, the author of the book Dojo The Definitive Guide by O'Reilly.

The article lists several demos on generating charting by Dojox.charting library. I then started to copy the codes to an HTML file. Instead of loading Dojo libraries to my local computer even I have a personal web site on my Mac, I used xDomain reference to Google's Dojo CDN library. In this way, I don't need any web server and I can send this demo HTML to my colleagues to share it. My colleagues at my work really enjoyed it.

This demo does not only lists original JS codes. I enhanced the charts with different CSS styles and colors. It is so easy to do that. In addition to that, I allocate an 600x600 area at top as an area for chart and list my demos a UL list underneath it. This arrangement needs to clean the area for any chart previously displayed. The Dodo library does not provide APIs to clean chart. I finally found a way to clean it: simply removing all the childen nodes in the area. Even this one works, but it is not recommended. An Dojo insider pointed out this method does not clean all the objects created for the chart. I posted my question to StackOverflow and Dojo's forum.

My previous blog also mentioned the issue about xDomain reference. All these were really challenges for me since I am new in Dojo. I have not done much development in Dojo. However, the demo and enhancements let me learn a lots.

Here is my demo on Google's Code.