Sunday, August 16, 2009

MSDN Channel 9

In the past month I have been watching talks or conversations on MSDN Channel 9. Microsoft is going to be more open than before. I enjoyed those open talks on the technology and new stuff. Actually, I think that Microsoft attract many talent people who have been on Open development for years and Microsoft has learned that they can gain benefit by join the Open world!

I found the Channel 9 one day when I tried to find out any shows or videos about REST web service with .Net or Visual Studio. To my surprise, I found a series talks on this at Channel 9. The best talks are offered by, which is a search on its site for REST. PuralSight has better quality videos. Based on the talks, I found that Microsoft provided a REST package for REST web service development, and it is very impressive.

In addition to that, from Channel 9, I found many other great Open source projects posted to CodePlex, which is Microsoft Open Source web site. I have used many Open source libraries there, including Json.Net, MVC...