Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free CodeRush Xpress Tool by DevExpress

toolsDevExpress released a free tool for .Net Visual Studio 2008 users: CodeRush Xpress. I found this out from DVRTV show 143: Mark Miller on CodeRush Xpress.

I knew this tool for long time but I have never tried the tool as I used Resharper before. With the free offering, I tried this re-factory tool right away. It is a nice tool for .Net developers. But I found that some features are not working such as Tab to Next Reference and Template snip codes for switch and for loops. Maybe there are some option settings I have not set up yet. I also realize that the tool does provide hint on the left scroll bar to indicate questionable codes such as greying out unreferenced using statements, like Resharper has (which provides hints as yellow marks).

Here are some additional links related to this tool:


Rory said...

The template engine is not a feature of Coderush Xpress. This is only to be found in the full version.

As for TabToNextReference. It might be that your caret is immediately prior to the start of a variable name. The feature, by default is not enabled from this position.

Try moving the caret 1 place into the variable name.

If you'd like to change this default behavior you can do so by visiting the options page for it. Trigger the options screen using CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+O and visit the Editor\Navigation\TabToNextRefernce page, untick the checkmark and hit Ok.

Rory said...

If you have any CodeRush or CodeRush Xpress questions, feel free to find me on twitter (@RoryBecker) or email me ( I will be happy to try and answer anything you like.

FWIW I do not work for DevExpress, but I do love working with their products. :)

D Chu said...

Thanks for Rory comment. I tried TabToReference today at my work computer. It works now. Not sure why it did not work. What happened was that my caret was actually in the middle of a variable. When I pressed Tab key, the var was broken into to two parts just like normal tab key.

Rory said...

Very strange indeed. If you should find yourself able to reproduce this, you can report it to the Support Center (

In any case, I hope things continue to work as expected :)