Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sina Blog

Let me continue to explain the Chinese web services. Today it is about blog. Sina provides a wide range web services. Sina blog is one of the most popular blog services in China. From its blog main page, you will see rich contents. The most interest area in the main page is the rank of bloggers.

For example, the number 1 for the current time is Xu Xiao Ming. He is so hot that his visits and followers will blow you away comparing to most western bloggers:

and Hanhan was the number one for many years. He is the most controversial person in China. He is so popular is mainly for this critics and sharp thoughts about government and current issues. He is still 8th in the rank.

Those top ones have most influence in Chinese, especially in young people. In Chinese followers or fans are called as fensi, which is a new word based on phonetic. It is interesting to see so many new words coming out almost every day. For Chinese absence just one year, they will don't know many new words when they come back. Chinese fensi love to read their their favourite blogs. It is interesting to read a long list of comments. As well, Sina provides a list of statistics about each blog, such reads, comments, forwards (copy to bloggers' blog) and favourites.

Most people just jump to their accounts to write or view blogs. On the top of Sina blog, there are some convenient links or menu items for accessing other sina services, as well as blog settings:

There is a list of menu items for personal information:

Writing blog is also very convenient. The on-line blog has a rich list of formats, photos, and videos, as well other options:

For uploading photos, you can only upload up to 20 photos per blog. Photo and video insert tool icons have other options such as reuse previous ones and web links.


Patty said...

Hello! I have a question you might solve...
I wondered if sinabloggers could detect their visitors country (the country from which their readers visit his/her blog) without adding any special gadget.

Thanks in advance! :)