Sunday, December 25, 2011

Great Year 2011, and Welcome to 2012

It is time to close to the end of Year 2011.  At the time this blog is published, I am on my way to China to visit my mother, sister and brother.

This is another great year for me. I finished my contact for 2011 at Husky Energy and I'll move to development team for another year.  Even though I have done not much programming this year, I have learned so much by provide application support.  This has been great experience to learn much more about applications, by using application, trouble shooting issues, and providing helps to gain better understanding of applications created by other people and companies.

I think to extend knowledge to a wide range is very important. You will never know when those skills and knowledge will be useful.  My past experiences with a wide range of stuff benefit so much.  This has been proved in my work in 2011.  In so many cases, my past knowledge in SQL, Oracle, OPC, Windows System, programming knowledge in .Net, UNIX, even VI has helped me  a lot. Never stop learning and never say no something you don't know. Face the challenge and invest your time and effort, as well as keeping the habit to learn something new.  All those inputs will bring great results in long run for sure.

My Apple development has no progress at all in 2011; however, I did spend time to finish all the WWDC videos.  The reason I don't have time on iOS app development is that I just don't have time.  I have changed my focus in another none-programming area and put a lots of my time and effort on my Chinese blog.  This is another sharing experience and I think it is important for me to do.  In this area, I have set up a solid and great start up.  When I settle down in this area, I'll go back my iOS and Mac app development. Actually, I will find some interesting and great potential topics to work on.

My next year contract will be also full of challenges and new opportunities.  In the past month I have been working on an ASP.Net project based on .Net framework 2.0.  The next version will be on .Net 4.0 with MVC, and Infragistics tools.  I am exited and looking forward to taking the challenge.

However, I think my .Net knowledge and skills are up to the comfort level for me to stay for a while. My next territory will be in Apple's iOS and Mac. I have laid solid foundation.  I'll continue to head in to the new area with passion.

As always, this blog will my sharing land to mature my programming experiences. It'll be very valuable to overview my trace in the feature. Let me leave my deep and clear foot prints. I'm sure it will enjoyable time to read myself.