Saturday, January 28, 2012

iOS Training Cource by Stanford University

I wrote the following blog while I was in Wuhan, China, during my vacation. For some reason, I could not access to my blogger there. I had to write my blogs in my sina blog. Now I copy the blog back to my programming blog.

I had to write my English blog at Sina blog web site since the Blogger is not accessible, during my visit to my extended family in Beijing and Wuhan. Fortunately, I have a Sina blog account so that I can continue to write my blog. I'll copy this blog to my Blogger when I get back.

Before I left for China, I found that iOS training by Stanford University(SU) was released. This is fall session course, started being published in Nov 2012. SU started to provide iPhone training courses several years ago, and I watched all the past iPhone training courses. I enjoy watching those courses very much. Even the course is an entry program for developers about iPhone application and Objective-C, the content has been kept up with the update of iOS. Based on the techniques and knowledge I learned from the course, I started my iPhone application development. I have to say that SU's course helps me a lot.

I think that SU's training course was one of a few educational programs for iPhone development and Obective-C. I greatly appreciate the updated content of the course along with the iOS progress. This time, the SU's iOS course has so many new contents about iOS 5. This course is quite different from the previous ones. For example, there is no more memory management by keeping track of reference counts. The XCODE is based on the new version of XCODE 4. The storyboard is included in the course as well. I think this course is a must-watch program for every iPhone and iPad developer.

I like the instructor, Paul Hegarty, very much. He started to teach this course last year. In this training, during the date Steve Jobs passed away, he revealed that he was in part of Steve Jobs' NeXT computer team in the early years. Later on he moved to University to teach computer courses. He is very knowledgable in Mac and iOS development.

I have downloaded all available classes before my leave from iTunes U. Now (Jan 7, 2012) I finished about 7 classes.

It seems that all those courses are available in iTunes U in China. The iTunes U course is in two formats: one in SD and another in HD. There is big difference in size. HD, in hight definition, takes a lot of spaces and thence takes too long time to download. For me, it is just a course to learn new things, and most likely I would not watch it again. Therefore, I would recommend to download the SD serials instead. Search for "iPhone" in iTunes to find SD serials.