Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iOS and New iPhone in Tomorrow's Special Event

Apple has been doing special event to release news about devices and software in past years. I have been kept close look at those events since I got my first iMac in 2007. Tomorrow, September 12, 2012, will be another special event.

A lots of rumors are focused on new iPhone or new hardware devices. What I am actually interested in is the formal release date of iOS 6. I have been waiting XCODE update with iOS 6 support this Fall. I have watched WWDC 2012 videos about iOS 6. I really like the new features in iOS 6, both in Objective-C and new UI components. My next app will use some of those new features.

I'll update this blog after all the news will be released in tomorrow's Apple special event. This will determine how I'll be back working on my apps.

Today, September 12, 2012, Apple made a long list of announcements. iPhone 5 looks gorgeous. The most interesting news for me is the iOS 6 release date. It will be available in one week time, next Wednesday, September 19, 2012, before iPhone 5 release (on September 21, 2012). Not sure when the XCODE update will be available.

I am still watching today's Keynote speech, 1 hour 53 minutes. First time in almost 2 hours. I think my internet has some problems, or the Apple site streaming may have issues. I had several times frozen during AirPlay Mirroring. When I went back to my iMac, I still has similar issue. The reason I suspect internet provider issue is that my QQ app lost connections several times. Anyway, I am going to back to the speech.