Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chinese Blog Site: diandian

Weibo is my favorite twitter. In Chinese it means micro blog. Weibo is very populate in China. I have seen some English tweets there. Today, I noticed one my of followers has moved his blog from Sina blogger to Diandian web site. This caused my interest.

Actually I like Sina blogger very much. It has some nice features. However, the only thing I miss is the CSS and HTML control. I cannot define my CSS classes and HTML scripts there. That's why I prefer Google's Blogger. I have my duplicate Chinese blog at Blogger as well. For sure, it is also for backup purpose.

点点 or dian dian in Chinese means bit by bit. As it says in Diandian's about page, all the complicated contents starts from simple points, then lines, curves, pixels, text and more. Its motto is Let blog start simple"(in Chinese). The overall look of dian dian blog site is very simple and clean. Of course, the most attractive point is the feature of customized CSS and HTML with Javascript.

Based on some articles on TechRice, Diandian is a copy of Tumblr, which is popular web based blog service. I tried to explore Tumbler, but I could not find a reason to switch to this site, even it says that you can customized everything.

Although the following diandian.com home page looks like Trumblr.com, there is difference, blank page on diandian.com. According to diandian's plan, they will have some distinctive features for bloggers.

There are many great web services in China. I don't mean I want to get the best blog web site, but I am interested in one with features I want. In addition to that, the popularity and reliability are also very important. I am going to ask my Weibo follower about it. I really like to move my Sina blog to another simple and powerful blog site in China.

I'll keep my update about Chinese blog if I make any significant changes.