Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oligo Got Patent

Since I started my new contract job at HP/Cenuvos, I have not been doing application development. Instead, I provide applications support. That's why I don't have a lots to write about my programming and skill experience.

I have been kept listening some .Net technology podcasts, such as HanselMiniutes and .Net Rocks. Those podcasts occasionally talk about some none-programming topics. That's a change to bring some thing the authors being interested while they cannot find any good topics. Now I am going to talk about nutrients.

I have been a Melaleuca preferred customer for about 16 years. I really enjoy their great products, green, safe, effective and reasonably priced. This month I got my products. Along with the box, there is fly normally about products and specials. I saw the first page is dedicated to Oligo, the technology behind many of Melaleuca products.

To restate the claim:

Melaleuca's Oligo™ technology is now protected by U.S. Patent No 8,273,393

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent protecting the Oligo technology that powers the Vitality Pack® and other Melaleuca products.

*Patent pending in Canada 

I started to use Vitality products (multi-vitamins and minerals) 10 years ago. It makes great difference to improve my health. Before I did not believe nutritional supplements at all. I thought I get all the nutrients from my daily in-takes, and why should I rely on supplements. From Melaleuca product information and my own research, I found that I could not get enough and balanced micro-food my body needs. That changed my mind to give Melaleuca Vitality product a try. The more I learn about health knowledge, the more I believe that I need to use Melaleuca products to enhance my life.

That's my after work research and hobby. I am a down-to-earth person, not only for the best codes, but also for my other hobbies, such personal health. I spent many of my after-work hours to explore and to study Melaleuca products. Each time when I see anything I don't know, I'll try to do my research through all the channels, such as on web and books, to expand my knowledge. As a programmer and IT consultant, I think my health is very important. I need to keep my mind sharp and my body strong and in good shape so that I have more energy to do what I like.

Before Oligo, Melaleuca has already obtained patent about how improve minerals absorption, it was called as fructose-compounding. This technology makes Melaleuca multi-vitamin and multi-minerals with high absorption rate. The Oligo technology goes one more step. It has been proven that the Oligo-fructose compound minerals has much less oxidations during digest process, which means less multi-vitamines wasted during intestinal digestion process.