Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three Must Watch Speeches

Today I read a message in Weibo about three speeches one must watch in life-time. The first one is the speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford University. I knew this one long time ago. Actually this one is the one changed my view about Apple. In 2007 I switched my focus more on Apple, Mac OS, iOS and its related technologies.

The other two I do't know. I took time to watch them. They are also very inspirational ones. I like them very much. One is the speech by J.K. Rowling at Harvard University and the third one is the last lecture by Randy Pausch. Their in-deepth sight and passion hit my heart. I think that they will have the same influence and impact on my life as Steve Job did.

Here are speeches:

Steve Jobs at Stanford University

J.K. Rowling speech at Harvard University:

Randy Pausch's last lecture:

and Randy Pausch 10 minute speech:

At the tudou video sharing site, Randy's speech with Chinese subtitles: