Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Back to MacVim

It has been quite a while not using VIM in my Mac. During this break, I updated my Mac OS and accounts. One thing I lost is my VIM files such as configuration and syntax settings. All those files are located in ~/ and ~/vim folders. The OS update or new account setup I did missed files in those locations.

I had to restore those settings as much as I can. I will log all I did to restore MacVIM and settings in this blog.

MacVIM Installation

MacVIM in OS 10.11.1 EI Capitan was not working. I had to reinstall it. The version I reinstalled is MacVIM 7.4 from MacUpdate website.

Since the package is not from App Store, I had to set up my System Preference security to anywhere for applications. Just to remember to set this security back to more secured one after first time running MacVIM.


All the configuration for VIM are at HOME directory.

Fortunately I have a backup of my VIM configuration for Windows, _vimrc, on my cloud drive. I restored the file mac file to


I lost all my previous syntax configuration files. This time I am going to use VIM for swift codes. I got swift syntax file and put it at:


Here is a command to set up swift syntax in VIM

:set syntax=swift