Friday, March 18, 2016

Change Blogger Content Width Via Template

The default width of blog content for Blogger seems small, comparing large margin on both left and right sides. Recently I created another blog, where several people would be authors. I would like to increase the width for the main body of blog content.

After analysis on the blog template, I found a way to do it. As indicated in the section, I made changes of the value for name: content.width, and the value for main.column.right.width:

There are some resources on web regarding this request, but I found most of them out of date. This change might be out again in the future, but it is good for my template case. The clue to this solution si to search for "width" in my template.

By the way, I have not changed the width for this programming blog. I think the default width is OK for my English blog.