Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Apple Developer

Today is an important date for me. I just applied my Apple Developer from Apple web site. Actually I have been Apple Developer for long time, but I have not paid my annual fee as former developer yet. Even so, I have been doing development since the start of iPhone released. Now my app is ready for Apple Store.

The application process is very simple. First, submit my request from the web site. I applied as an company. What I need to get D&B's DUNS number for my company. This can be obtained for free from D&B Canada. Normally it requires 30 days to process. Another requirement is an email. The email cannot be gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or the likes. The recommended is email with company's domain name. I found that iCloud email is acceptable.

After submitting my request, I receive an email about acceptance. The next step is to agree Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

The last step is to pay my annual fee $99US or $119CAD, plus tax 5.95.

Within one hour after my annual fee payment, I am not registered developer for all Apple platform apps. The first three things I have to do are prompt when I login to my developer's account:

  • Connect to my team members (none so far)
  • Get Certificates which will be used for my apps
  • and set up iTunes connect account to manage my apps,