Sunday, June 17, 2007

Building Solution Failure: binary files could not be created

Recently, I installed Ubuntu Linux desktop on my computer. Before the installation, I had Windows XP. I got a bigger hard drive and I did partition on HD as 2 partitions. I plan to set a dual boots system, one for my Windows and another for Ubuntu.

My previous HD also had two partitions, that was done by HP, one small one for backup systems. I used Norton Ghost to do a partition image of my Windows and after I install the new HD, I restored my windows. That safes me a lot of time to reinstall my application and configure my working environment. So far so good.

The Ubuntu was installed successfully, and it is very impressive. I am going to further to investigate the OS.

My Windows works fine. However, I encountered a problem while I was compiling a solution project. I got a message saying that "The volume does not contain a recognized file system, ...". The build was failed because the binary files could not be created. I checked my path. It is fine. The message is very misleading.

Finally, I figured out the problem. It is the environment var Temp. I set this one to my "D:\temp". After the dual OS systems was set up, the D: partition was not available any more. What I did is to format the missing partition D:. After that, all the temporary files can be created and there is no problem to build my solution.