Sunday, June 17, 2007

Signing a Solution for publishing

For publishing application by click-once to deploy, I found that I have to set all the assemblies or projects to sign with a key file (pfx). In the project which is the start one, you have to make sure the Certificate option is checked in project's property Signing tab and make sure this certificate was generated by the same key file. Otherwise, you will get an error message saying failure to run tool SignTool.

After every thing are built correctly, you may use internet explorer to link to the URL which was set in the solution's property (Publication Location). Click on Install to deploy the application. You may have download the setup.exe installation file first. You will get an application file such as Bankshell.application. Still you cannot run the application in your downloaded folder. You have find the file in your URL location, where you can click on Bankshell.application to install the application.

This is just a note for me as a reference. I got this problem while I was doing exercises of Lab 5: Building the End-to-End Global Bank Application, Patterns & Practices (CAB).