Monday, September 01, 2008


Today I read David Hayden's blog on jQuery. It is a quite interesting JavaScript library. I tried some tutorial examples and get some tastes on how to use and its initial power.

I downloaded the library jQuery-1.2.6.js source code. Then I created a test html file. I followed the instruction to save the js file in the same folder as the html file. Then I tried some example codes to hide a reference link <a...>, add a style class to the link, add a click event to the link, and some chained queries. Basically, this library provides API functions to manipulate DOM objects or elements, handle events, perform animation, and add Ajax to your web project. As David recommended, jQuary in Action is a good book for beginners.

I'll spend some time to try out and learn this great tool. Hopefully I can use this in my web projects.

Here is a training video program by a 12 years old child in google engEdu:

Here is very good reference to jQuery API libraries: Visual jQuery 1.1

50+ Amazing jQuery Examples
. Unfortunately, some links are not available. However, some are really amazing web pages.