Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mac Software Development

I have have done my software development mainly in Windows Platform, some in Unix long time ago. I have got an iMac in March this year. Since then I spend a lot of my time using it at home. I really enjoy it. Recently I have installed XCode on my Mac and watched training videos about iPhone Application Development API kit.

It is very interesting to learn Objective-C and Cocoa framework even they are very different from .Net languages and framework. iMac computer is very easy to use and very stable. From what I have seen from Apple's training materials, the Objective-C and Cocoa are also very straight forward in syntax. Objective-C for Mac applications uses MVC pattern. That's the one I have seen on Microsoft's P&P team as well. I think there are a lots similarities between both.

I'll spend some time to learn Mac application development. Maybe I'll get more and more involved in Mac software development. Enjoy the new adventure!