Saturday, January 23, 2010

.Net Reflector

.Net Reflector is a must-have tool for .Net developers. Last year I updated my Visual Studio at work to 2008. However, I forgot to add this tool. When I started to work on a project based on MEF(Managed Extensibility Framework) as DI (dependency injection), this reminded me about the tool. I need this tool to browse the class structure of Microsoft.ComponentModel.Composition.dll.

The tool was developed by Lutz Roeder. In his blog, he said that now it is transfered to Red Gate Software. I think I used the SQL Compare application from this company. Anyway, .Net Reflector is a Windows based application, and it is very easy to install as a tool in VS 2008. From the menu Tools->External Tools..., it can be added there. Here is a snapshot of the installation:

There are also many Add-Ins for this tool.