Monday, February 01, 2010

iPhone SDK 3.1.2

After about one year reading of iPhone development reference documentations and training materials, I am going to start my new adventure of iPhone application development. I downloaded the iPhone SDK long time ago. I think I need to get the newest version of DSK 3.1.2 first. The total package is about 2.5GB, which takes long time to get it. I just started about a few minutes ago, now the remaining time is about 37 minutes.

At the same time, I found there are some iTune video materials available from ADC, I am going to get them as well. My first application will be in the category of Productivity area for managing personal expense information. The datastore will be based on SQLight which is recommended by Apple for iPhone app. I have created several tables for raw data. In order to management raw data, I am going to use Tags to let user to tag those information. The main interface will be based on tableview controls for displaying data with editing features. The edit view will be a view with text and date time controls. I am going to draw those views and workflow structure of views.

The application will be MVC based application. To my surprise, Apple developers has implemented this pattern for quite long time, even long before the current Microsoft MVC model in Windows and ASP applications.

Even the iPhone development and Objective-C are new for me, I think I have very good knowledge of C/C++, as well as extensive experience in OO. I have explored some iPhone applications and had my hands on some examples. I really like the framework of Cocoa. It will take time get used to the new framework for sure. I think the most achievement is to develop my own applications and test them out on the Apple Store.

I have a line of ideas to develop iPhone applications. iPad will be available in less than 60 days and iPad 3G in less than 90 days. If I can get some out for iPhone, it will be fun to see how they are in iPad. I may move to iPad application development as well.

The following are snap-shots of the installation steps:

Detail descriptions for items:

iPhone SDK 3.1
iPhone SDK 3.0
Installs the iPhone SDK 3.0.
iPhone SDK 2.2.1
Installs the iPhone SDK 2.2.1. NOTE: this will install the iPhone SDK 2.2.1 to work only on a device; the iPhone Simulator requires iPhone SDK 3.0 or later on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
System Tools Support
Installs system-wide tools such as Shark (part of the CHUD performance tools), DTrace components used by Instruments, and distributed build processes.

There can be only one, newest set of System Tools per Mac OS X installation at a time, and are always installed into /Developer on the boot volume.
Xcode will download developer documentation to disk at first launch, and automatically keep it updated. Deselecting this option requires a network connection while viewing documentation. You can change this at any time in the Xcode Documentation preferences.
Mac OS X 10.4 Support
Support for developing applications that target Mac OS X 10.4 APIs.

I checked the "Mac OS X 10.4 Support" (even it is still Zero KB).