Monday, February 08, 2010

iPhone Development Update

In the past week evenings and weekend, I spent most of my watching iPhone development related videos. I got those video information when I accessed to Apple’s iPhone developer web site. I remember that I watched a serials of iPhone development classes by Stanford University last Spring. Since then there are more training materials from Apple and other institutions.

Here is a snap-shot of videos I have in my iTunes:

It is great to watch those on my Mac iTunes. However, they are not directly available from Web, or from browsers. I tried to install iTunes at my work PC and I was planning to watch them after work so that I would have quite time there. Unfortunately, I could not get those videos from iTunes in Windows. It looks like that the download URLs or iTunes protocols are blocked at the work. There is no way to get them from browsers, at least I don’t know. In this sense, those videos are not widely opened.

For videos I watched last week, I understand most contents very well. I think that this is the benefit of my past year reading iPhone OS Reference Library and other materials at Apple’s Dev Center. Still those excellent videos greatly help me to understand some concepts such as memory management, MVC, KVC, KVO, and delegates.

By the way, I tried to optimize the size of my snap picture by using Yahoo’s It is very interesting that Smushit could not find any savings in my pictures. Mac’s png picture is quite good if it is true. I am not sure if the recent update enhances this or not.


Anonymous said...

Great post! How is this coming along? I just started the whole dev process with no knowledge of any coding (save for HTML). Any suggestion? I have the a Dummies book on its way but I am eager to start.