Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Year 2010 and Embracing the New Year 2011

Year 2010 is coming to the end. I have a great year 2010. I have been working in one company as an IT consultant for the whole year. Even though the job requirement are not very challenge, I have been always set up new heights for me and continue to learn and explore new stuff in this year. This is very productive year for me. Not only I gained so much in a wide range of areas, but I also pick some of my old skills and knowledge back, such as OPC and COM in Windows. I feel very applaud of myself when I see my accomplishments.

In addition to my work, I have spent much my after-work time on personal persuasions. I think I have made great progress in my iOS development. My application is close to the finish stage. During the development, I have gained great skills and knowledge of Objective-C, Cocoa framework, and iOS. I enjoy my journey in the year of 2010. At the same time, as always, I have been keeping up with the evolution of iOS in past two years. I watched all the technical videos of WWDC 2010, and some wonderful podcasts such as CTN, and app review shows.

The most important thing I have to say about my year in 2010 is the web or internet. In a sense, it really extend my life. Without it I would spend more time and energy to struggle. I have taken so much from the web, the open community: learning, enjoying and sharing. It has enriched my life so much. I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful time and word.

I like two phrases. One is "stay hungry and stay foolish", from Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. Another one is "You Can't Take Money to Eternity", same applies to knowledge. I want to stay as I am and to share what I have. This is the way to extend human's life.

Now it is time to embrace the New Year 2011!