Wednesday, December 15, 2010

XCode Splash Screen

Just finished watch a short podcast show by CTN (Cocoa Touch Netcast). It is about 2 minutes show on how to enable settings for XCode Splash screen. For example, this is my XCode splash screen:

The way offered by Robert is actually to edit the plist file in /Library.... I don't like this way to modify plist file, since it may mess up the file. Instead, I prefer to use console tool or command defaults to modify it.

First, check the default setting. Open Terminal and type the command:

defaults read XCShowSplashScreen 1

or use the pipe and grep command to search for "Splash"

defaults read |grep Splash

I did not find the setting for XCShowSplashScreen. I have never disabled my splash screen. It looks like that the default setting is to show the splash screen if the setting is not defined in plist. Then I disabled my splash screen and use the defaults read command to read it again. After that, I saw it was set to 0.

To enable it, use the defaults write command:

defaults write XCShowSplashScreen 1

You may check it again by defaults read command.