Sunday, January 30, 2011

OWIN Framework as WebService in .Net

This blog is a late post. I was on vacation back to Beijing and Wuhan during the past Christmas time and came back on Jan 16, 2011. During my time in China, unfortunately, I could not write blog since Blogger is blocked. I knew this issue and I scheduled my posts before I left. I have been busy to pick up and organize my stuff in the past week. Now I am back to normal schedule, working, web learning, doing my project and enjoying my life.

This late post is on OWIN: Open Web Interface for .Net. I got this when I listened to Hanselminute podcast #244 one day before in last December. I wrote a note in my Evernote on this(my .Net notebook).

Afterwards, I tried Kayak, an example OWIN library. The result was very exiting. I spent about 1 hour time on a console project. With its running at work, I could access to the service from any box at my work to get HTML results. My box is Windows XP Prof, which suppose not having any IIS. To install a web server is very complicated. With OWIN or Kayak, based on this testing, I could create any web service. OWIN is a very simple framework. I'll further explorer its potentials. Most likely, I will use it as a REST based service to provide data. I have many projects or apps which depends on remote data such as SCADA historian data, SQL server or Oracle database. OWIN may be excellent solution as light weighted layer to provide data.