Thursday, February 03, 2011

My EverNote Entry: OpenRasta, OpenWrap, and OWIN

Today I listened to a podcast by Herding Code. The podcast on Jan 25, 2011 is a very interesting and informational one. It is a talk with Seb Lambla on OpenEverthing, which includes OpenRasta, OpenWrap, OWIN and many other related resources.

I have used EverNote for quite awhile. It is an excellent web service for quickly making any notes. I have created a .Net notebook as public shared one. Therefore, I add one note on this podcast and related links in the notebook. For more detail information about this podcast and the talk on three major Open projects, see my .Net notebook.

The public notebook provided by EverNote can be used as a RSS feed. That means public notebooks can be subscribed to. I use EverNote to make notes for important things such as events, thoughts, and interesting thinks I found on web. In a way, it is my alternative way to write blogs to record my life's journey, almost everything, or a supplementary to my blogs.