Thursday, March 24, 2011

FireFox Update (4.0) and Vimperator 3.0

My favorite web browser Firefox has been updated to 4.0. I got it today. After the installation, I found that my must-have adding Vimperator has also been updated to 3.0. The new interface for Vimperator looks nice; however, my clean UI is changed. All the toolbar, navigation bar, bookmark bar and tags are visible. I would like only tabs visible.

The command to display UI bars is different. In its help page, it still says that the following command is for displaying UI bars:

  :set go+=mTB

I thought I could use it to disable UI bars. There is no go settings in this new version. What I found is that the following command can be used to hide all:

  :set gui=none
:set gui=tabs

The first one is to disable all UI bars and the next one is for displaying tabs bar.

Other than that, I have not found anything changed in terms of features, except some minor changes in UI. For example, the command line displays a triangle instead colon (:). Vimperator works great!