Wednesday, March 09, 2011

XCODE4.0 is Out!

Two days before iPad 2 release, today Apple released iOS4.3 for iPhone4 & iPad, as well as massive updates(I wrote a blog today about those items). The most expected XCODE 4.0 is released. I can be purchased from Mac Apple Store at $4.99, unbelievable low price comparing to Microsoft Visual Studio ($799 from MSRP for Professional version to $3,799 for Ultimate). For registered Apple Developers($99 annual fee), it is FREE!

However, this is the first time Apple charges a fee for XCODE. Mac users get XCODE with Mac computer for free. By default is not installed. It is an optional item on CD for most Mac computers, except MacBook Air(with OS X on USB). I got Air last year and I installed XCODE from my iMac CD. It runs without any problems.

I have watched many WWDC 2011 videos from iTunes. I am very impressed by XCODE 4.0 architecture and development. This is the one I am going to get soon when I have time in coming weeks. Here are some pictures of XCODE 4.0