Monday, January 07, 2013

Download Video and Audios

This is scheduled blog during my vacation China. I think that this blog is still not accessible during my stay there. This blog is about web tools to download videos and audios.

Before I leaved for China for my vacation, I wanted download some Youtube videos from WongFu Production. One is a serials of Away, we happened, and another is When it counts. I wanted to write my Chinese blogs based on those videos. Since I could not access to Youtube when I am there, I wanted to download them.

Soon I found a very convenient way to do it. There is a web service for this kind of downloading: SaveFrom.Net. This web service provides a simple way to download videos:

  • Coy URL of a video, such as one from Youtube.
  • Open SaveFrom.Net web site
  • Paste URL to download text box.
  • Click on Download button.
  • Select one video format you like such as MP4 360p

One thing I noticed is that if the size of a video is too large, larger than 150MB, you would not be able to get the video. It seems that there is limit to download.