Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year Resolution

Just come back from my visit trip to China. I spent about 3 weeks there in Wuhan and Beijing to visit my parents and family relatives. During my stay in China, I had some time to think about the new year 2013. In the past year, my work switched to application support. Therefore, I had less time on software development. In 2013, I think this will be the same.

The only thing I will do is my Mac or iOS development. I think I have layout very solid foundation already. I have started several projects, but not finished yet. The only way to make progress is to make personal commitment. I have set up my year 2013 resolution: first, loss weight 10%, to about 150p. The second one is to commit two days after work time on my iOS development. With this effort, I'll be able to finish my long-over-due project.

Start from this week!