Saturday, March 30, 2013

Challenge: My Participation in Calgary Marathon 2013

Today I have registered the run of Calgary Marathon 2013, one day before the special register fee.

In the past month, I have practiced several times over the weekends to run along Bow River path trail. In about two month time, I'll challenge myself to run the full Marathon, the first try in my life time. I am very exited to take this challenge and going to prepare myself for the full run. My goal is to finish the run in about five hours.

Within my fundraising web site, I add a video of my previous practice running in March. One time I run from Edworthy Park to Prince's Island, Downtown Calgary, return back, and another time extended to Calgary Zoo, a return run. The third try was from Bowness Park to Calgary, but return only to the 7-11 store at Crowchild Trail on the Bow river side. I was exhausted.

I understand that this is a very huge challenge for me. I have never run the full length of Marathon before, even during my preparation in the past month. One thing I keep in mind is that I am not going to run very fast, but a none-stop run. I'll not run crazily to hurt myself, just within my conformable level. I know my limit, but I have several secretes to help to finish the run. I'll make my best effort to take the challenge. I hope I'll be able to make it.

As my effort to support Charities, I choose to raise funds for Alberta Cancer Foundation with my participation in the event. Please help me to donate your contribution as an incentive for my run.