Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nike+ Running App

Yesterday I had an another great run. This time I used Nike+ Running app for iOS to help me to record my running. I was going to get a Nike+ sensor, but I found that that sensor is only of iPod. Nike+ sensor is old technology. Now with iPhone GPS, there are many other better apps available for tracking running. Nike+ Running is one of them and it was free when I got it yesterday.

I gave it a try with close to two hour run, about 16+K. One of great features is that it, by default, keeps announcing my running status, such as distance, time and speed every one kilometer. I had clear picture of overall running. I kept running at even pace, so that I was able to control my energy during my run. After running, I can see my running statistics. All those data are also available at Nikeplus web site with my personal login. That's great. With this app, it will be great tool to know my strength, energy level and progress.

Here is my stat about my average speed:

The app saves my running route as a map:

And this are my overall numbers:

This is a great app!