Friday, May 31, 2013

Weight Loss Program Result

I started weigh loss program on February 1, 2013. After four months, what is the result? The program actually was planned in two month. However, something happened after one month. In March, I learned about the event of Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2013. Soon I registered the event. That's why it takes me so long time to see the result.

During the first month, I tried to keep one hour physical exercise every day. Eat small meals and add one or two Attain drinks as snack food. It went well, however, the progress is slow. That's why when I knew about marathon event, I decided to take it: running is a very exercise to burn fat.

My preparation for marathon has been very intensive, about 10+km for 3 days a week, and one 30-44km at weekend. I use Access bar as a way to supply energy from fat. I could immediately see the result of losing my weight.

I finished my first official marathon on May 26, 2013. This is also the end of my weight loss program. Here are the result:

  • Weight: 67kg, losing 7kg from 74kg
  • Belt waist: 86 cm, reducing 8 from 94 cm
From this experience, I feel that even though the losing weight by burning fat is really hard, the program is really effective. With Attain drinks and Access bars, it makes it much easy to accomplish my marathon dream. I can say that with those tools, I could not finish my run. I have learned so much about how to do exercise comfortably and safely.



Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I did It: Finished Marathon!

I did it on May 26, 2013: finished my first Marathon run at the event of Scotialbank Calgary Marathon. On that date, Sunday, it was a very nice day, sunshine with no wind. I got up very early at 5:10am, since the run starting at 7:00am sharp. My wife dropped me at LRT station. Almost all early riders are runners towards to Stampede Park.

Even though I had several Marathon tries during my preparation in the past two months, this is my first official Marathon in public event. I had a strong start at 5'06"/km for the second one km (the first one I was in the middle of the start, and I took some pictures and videos). The five minutes pace was kept up to 15k. Then my wife waited me there to fill my drinks, 8'23" at 16k. Then I kept my less then six minutes to 22k.

After that, my run was still in constant pace up to 6 minutes. I kept running all the route. I achieved my best result in 4:26:33, at average 6'11"/km pace!

NameCHU, Daqing
Gun time04:26:33
Chip time04:24:58
10KM split00:55:03
21.1KM split02:02:46
30KM split03:02:48
Event Placement585 of 986
Sex Placement430 of 633
Division Placement26 of 41

When I finished my run, I was still filled with energy. Still I felt my foot sore at that time. In the afternoon, I had about one hour walk along the river, the route I had my preparation running before. This realization helps me a lots. Yesterday I went work. Today I feel full recovered back to normal.

Here are some photos I am going to order, sent by Marathonfoto:

For my participation as a fundraiser, I raised $1,415 as to date for Alberta Cancer Foundation.