Wednesday, June 28, 2017

TestFlight for iOS Developers and Testers

TestFlight is an app provided by Apple. Here is the description by Apple about it:

TestFlight makes it easy to invite users to test your apps and collect valuable feedback before you release them on the App Store. You can invite up to 2,000 testers using just their email address.

Recently I have been using TestFlight app to deliver my app to testers. I found that this is a great platform between iOS app developers and app testers.

Add Testers by email

To make an app available for iOS users/testers to install and to test the app on their iOS devices, what an app developer needs to do is to request email from testers.

Then the developer adds the email to developer's test list from Apple iTunes Connect account. Tester will receive an email about test request.

From my experience, testers should first install TestFlight app from App Store on their iOS devices. This will make it easier to click or tap on the request email and see the app in TestFlight right away. Otherwise, testers will have to enter redeem code from the request test email.

Using TestFlight

Even though testers could open app directly on their iOS devices after initial installation, I would recommend to launch or open app each time from TestFlight. One of advantages is that testers will get the latest version from there. From TestFlight testers would notice new upgrades if the version of app is old.

From TestFlight, testers are able to see and install all previous versions, as well as description provided by developers. Tap on an app will provide more information about the app, information, Previous Builds, and more. This provides a convenient way to compare, verify and test issues found in the app.

If app is installed through TestFlight on one iOS device, the tester can also install the same app on other iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) by using the same AppleID, and then continue to his/her test on various iOS devices.

Send Feedback to Developers

TestFlight provides “Send Feedbacks” as a way to communicate with developer. The feedback is sent out by email. Therefore you can attach additional information such as screenshots, notes, and any related information. To add attachment in email, tap and hold on email body. Then a popup menu will show options to add photos.

I would strongly recommend testers sending at least one feedback to developer, even none issues are found. This will let developer know at least what iOS devices testers are using.

Welcome More Testers

Anyone with iOS devices 9.3 or higher are welcome to test my app, TapToCount - When, Where & What. What you need to do is to pass me your email. I will add you in my tester list.

As mentioned before, please install TestFlight app from App Store first. Then open TestFlight with your Apple ID.

One thing I notice is that you need to have Wifi or Cellular connection when you use TestFlight. It will connect to Apple server to find out what apps are available for your TestFlight. This will cost very small data communication. To install or update app, Wifi connection is recommended if data is concern for you.

You will receive test request by email for the first time. Tap on the link in email on your iOS device. You will see my app in TestFlight ready for installation. As my recommendation, open my app from TestFlight easy time. This will guarantee you will test my App in the newest version.

Keep in mind, there is 90 days expiration to use/test app through TestFlight. During your test period, please send me at least one of you test results, comments and any bugs or crashes you found.