Monday, September 18, 2017

My First iOS App is Released!

Today is important date, Sept 18, 2017 Monday, for me. My first iOS app: TapToCount - 3W is released on the App Store!

I submitted my app last Friday and I got several email notifications about the app status. After I completed all the required information submission, the app is released on the App Store. That's approval process is a surprise for me.

The app is universal one, i.e., for iPhone and iPad. However, I have not got screenshots for iPad yet, so the current app is only for iPhone. I hope I'll get it ready for iPad soon.

Currently the first version is available at US, Canada, British and Australia, English speaking countries. The app does support Chinese, bot Simplified and Traditional ones. I am in the process of preparing screen shots for Chinese stores.



Friday, September 15, 2017

Change Blogger's Theme

Recently I created a new blog for my iOS app: TapToCount - 3W.

For this web blog, I choose a theme from blog settings. The layout looks fine, except the main page displays an image from my first blog as background image at the top. It stretches ugly taking a lot of spaces on the top.

I need to disable this from the theme. After exploration on the theme's html codes, I found a simple way to disable it.

As marked in red box, I changed the variable "hasImage" to "hasImages". This minor change of variable name makes the block of html codes not embedded into the main page.

This is a note about what I did. Otherwise, I may forget what I did in the blog's theme.


My new blog: TapToCount - 3W