Sunday, July 21, 2013

My SO Reached to 6K

Yesterday, my StackOverflow reputation reached to 6003 on July 20, 2013. I have not been very active on SO actually during the period time from 5K Dec, 2012 to today. That's all my past activities contributed to the growth. On the other hand, it is the evidence my Q and A are valuable for some people.

However, since I was active on SO, my previous contributions and efforts have been recognized by other users on SO. As a result, my reputation has been kept grow. The following is the snapshot of my 5k moment:

The main reason I have been rarely on SO is that my current work is apart from development. I have been working as application supporter within a group under HP.

Even though my work is not development related, there are couple people in our team developing small tools for our support work. When I see their codes, I see there are so many areas the codes could be much better, in terms of architecture, code resizability, and modularization. I have been volunteered to train a young developer to tune-up his codes. This is great chance for me to review I did several years ago. I did realized some enhancement in my codes as well, which are used as library for my colleague.