Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Add New Version to Core Data

There are sometimes when I need to update Core Data from existing version to a new version. In other words, I need to update Core Data database with changes on some entities. Apple provides very good framework to do that: Lightweight Migration. Here are my notes on how to add a new version to Core Data.

I am using my TapToCount-3W project as example.

In Xcode, select the data model in Project navigator:

From menu Editor, you will find Add Model Version....

Accept the default settings or make changes if you need. Make sure the base version is the most active version as base. In this case, I accept TapToCount 1.3 as my new version.

Change the property settings: identifier to 1.3 and current version to 1.3. A new version of database model is created and ready for update.

As it is indicated in Project navigator: