Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Update to Xcode 11.3

I have been working on iOS projects with Xcode 11.1 for quite long time. Previously, I tried to update to 11.2. However, I experienced crashing issues after I compiled my project with Xcode. The problem was text editor. Each time when I tried to enter edit mode with text field UI, the app suddenly crashed. That was really bad experience.

I had to restore back to 11.1 version. Fortunately, I have Time Machine backup. From there, I restored Xcode 11.1.

Xcode 11.3 was released, but I did not update right away. Until I tried to compile my project to my iPhone with iOS 13. I got message that I had to move up to newer Xcode supporting iOS 13. I have no choice to move  on.

Update from App Store is also a pain. I tried for several days to update but I got failure each time. There is no reason given, and each time it took long period to download package, 7.8GB. That was really frustrating.

Yesterday a idea came up to my mind. Why not to go to Apple developer site to get Xcode? There must be Xcode 11.3 package just for download only. I went to the site and Xcode.xip is in the section of More(Beta, Release and More 3 sections). This makes me update much easier because it is the straight download.

After downloading, I clicked on the package. Soon I got a message of "not enough space on destination". That's why. The disk space is always problem on MacBookAir/Pro. What I did is to move out existing Xcode from Application to external disk. Finally I got Xcode 11.3 successfully installed!

So far, I have no issues with this version, and I could run my app on my iPhone for testing.