Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Update on My Blog Template: Show/Hide Posts

Vin posted another good tip on Show/Hide Posts.

The Show/Hide Posts Tip is actually much better than my previous template update. It uses a javascript and updates on a widget("id=Blog1"). I like this tip very much.

When I tried to update my template with this new feature yesterday, I could not do it. I thought it is Blogger server problem. I tried today. The respond was very quick. However, I got several error messages about #comments or #cdata not being allowed in <skin> or widget tags (I commented out existing codes and added some comments for the changes). Finally, I have no choice to remove all the comments. The update is successful.

I am very happy with the update. I think it is very easy for people to see all the posts in a outline. In addition to the tip, I added some changes to the template. For example, I added title attribute for Post Title. This provides a help information (mouse hover tooltip) because the Post Title is a link and when it is clicked, only this post is displayed with comments visible. If "[+/-]Show/Hide..." is expanded, comments are not visible. Because of this behavior (I don't want to spend time to figure it out why), another change I did is to add a link(See/leave comments for this post in another window/tab) after "[+/-]Show/Hide...".

Happy Blogging!