Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Add Colors to Codes

Today I did some change to my blog's template html page with some style sheet definitions from ASP.Net forums' colrcode.css.

To find the css file, you have to view its source codes and find link to css at the top of web page. There are several css files. To find the style definitions for programming codes, you can view the partial codes from the forum web page's program codes.

ASP.Net forums provide on-line posting editor with a tool bar to insert source codes with formatted HTML tags around programming source codes, such as C#, VB, SQL, XML, ASP.Net and others. That's why I choose ASP.Net forums' css. I can use its posting editor to get some formatted HTML codes and then post them to my blog. Since I use the same css file in my template, my source codes are marked with colors!

One color is missing in ASP.NET page: color for class, interface and intrinsic or predefined types. I added a new tag as classInterface in my template for these cases. You will see my example codes with colors!