Tuesday, May 26, 2009

iPhone Dev Classes by Stanford U

In the pass week, I have been watching iPhone Application Programming classes offered by Stanford University. I read a news on AppleInsider about Free Stanford iPhone dev podcasts downloaded 1 million times. Then I started the course.

Now I have watched 9 classes, one day a class during week days and two classes one day last weekend. It is really good program. I started to learn iPhone programming last year. I got iPhone SDK 2.0. I went to Apple's Dejavascript:void(0)veloper web page on iPhone. During evenings, I have read all the SDK documents and tried to use XCode to study some example applications. All those laid great foundation for me. This makes much easy for me to understand Object-C and Cocoa. I think after completion of the course, I am ready to put my hands on iPhone applications. I am really exited about this new journey!