Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Stackoverflow Reputation Points Reach to 1K

Today my reputation score at Stackoverflow reaches to 1007 points! The recent question on Parse String to Enum Type boosts my score over 1K points. I could touch this target earlier than up to today, but my main intention to use this web site is to help me to get the best and the quickest resources and answers for my programming questions or issues. I have not focused on gaining scores or badges at all. Therefore, I only spend some time to search and answer other people's questions when I have time.

The following is my statics:

  • Score: 1007
  • Badges: 15 bronze badges
    • Popular questions: 7
    • Tumbleweed: 1
    • Scholar: 1
    • Organizer: 1
    • Editor: 1
    • Commentatior: 1
    • Teacher: 1
    • Supporter: 1
    • Student: 1
  • Questions asked: 86
  • Questions answered: 34
  • Votes: 70
  • Tags: 66

With Stackoverflow, it have been my great resources to helpresolving my questions and issues. I got many great answers and explanations for my program questions. Normally, if I cannot resolve my issue within short period time, or I have concerns about my strategy, or just want to consult experts, I post my questions there. In most cases, I get answers in just less than 5 minutes. Sometimes, I have to wait longer. Soon I learned that I don't need to mark the quick response as answer right away. People compete on Stackoverflow for earning score points. However, sometimes, good ones may not be the quick ones. Just wait for the good ones.

Unfortunately, recently I cannot access Stackoverflow from my work by using my Blogger OpenID. Husky would not allow me to access to my Blogger login web page. I had to create another account (David Chu) by using Google OpenID. With that account, I have about 185 score points. I was reluctant to use that account to ask questions initially, since I preferred to use one account to accumulate scores. However, I do need to get my issues resolved during my work most of time. Therefore, recently I started to use that account more. Still if I can wait, I'll post my questions after work or early in the morning. That's the reason my reputation score points have grown slow. By the way, the total score of points of my two accounts have reached 1K more than one month ago.

Anyway, I set 1k as a target day to celebrate my reputation on Stackoverflow.