Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Today Google announced its Chrome OS progress. Goole revealed more detail information and early stage of the Chrome OS. I watched some video shows and it is a new way to explore the usage of web. For sure its new structure opens a different view of OS. It is new but it is a result based on the development of computer hardware and software, as well as the development of Web in the past 10 years.

More shows are available at Google Chrome Themes.

I really like its way to explore OS for net-book. OS is based on web browser and web applications to provide applications for end users. That's not new. The only problem is that it is heavily depended on Web or Cloud servers. In case of none-web available cases, it would be useless. That's why Google come out Chrome OS. It provides OS level APIs and storage (solid-base HD) with off-line features, just like OS still live. As many critics recall this light-weighted OS is not new thing. Early in 21st century, Sun Microsystems tried to provide Java based NC (network computers). I remembered that I attended a tech talk in Calgary by Sun, talking on JENI Project based computer terminals. The speaker said that NC should be like a telephone device, which is very cheap and can be placed anywhere. It is a network based computer systems. I was expecting the new change happening and it looks like a failure.

However, I think Chrome OS will be very different. It will be great challenge for Microsoft and Windows. For Apple, it is a challenge as well, but I think Apple has better position to move its OS forward. I believe that UNIX based OS has great future since it is based on solid and proven computer concept. 2010 will be very interesting year to see new OS and net-book hardware appearing. Chrome OS will have great impact in all areas and out daily lives.