Saturday, May 01, 2010

Web Tool: EverNote

toolsI think I knew EverNote for a quite while. I heard about it from Stanford University's iPhone training program. EverNote staff gave a special presentation about its free iPhone program and their experience with iPhone application development.

EverNote basically provides a web service to people to make notes about anything, simple text notes, html formatted notes with formatted text, links, pictures, movies. The basic service allows 100 notebooks and 40MB monthly uploading. Nootbooks and tags are great feature to organize notes.

Recently I decided to create my basic account at EverNote. The main reason I like to use this web service to take my personal notes. I can use it anywhere: write, edit and view your notes. To write a blog, normally it takes much longer time than just writing a note. I do my blog most time at weekends. With EverNotes, I can create my notes quickly, anywhere and anytime. It is a great place to record my ideas and findings.

Another great feature is that EverNotes provides RSS feeds for public shared notebooks. For example, here is my .Net notebook RSS feed. This provides a way to share my ideas with my friends and other developers.

Just found that EverNote Mac application has Import and Export features. I just exported all my notes to my Mac. The exported file is an XML file(enex). This provides a back way to import and export notes.

Another similar web service is UberNote, which was created by a group of university students. It was created by the idea to share student's notes. Now it is a public project and it is free. However, it does not support multiple notebooks.