Sunday, August 08, 2010

Update on my iPhone Development

In my past month, the progress of my iPhone application development has been very slow, almost on hold. There have been too many things happening during the time. A family of my relatives came to my house for visit. That's the main reason I cannot concentrate on my project. My evenings and weekends have been taken for meals, talks, and sight seeing (we went to Banff for the last weekend, three days).

Another reason is that I encountered an issue that I don't have clear idea how to integrate Apple's contact information into my app. I need to provide an UI for user to add and edit contact information. Apple's AddressBook framework provides APIs to access to contact database. For adding a new contact, what I need is to either to select one from address book or add new contact. The UIs AddressBook provides do not have one with a list of contact and add button. I could not find examples for my case. Therefore, I have to figure out how to reuse Apple's framework UIs instead of creating my own one.

In the past months, I have been watching WWDC10's videos as well. Now I have about only 20 left. All those videos have the most recent changes and introductions to new features/framework for iOS4. I enjoy watch most of them very much. Some of them are too far away beyond my reach, but it is good to get some sense about them. I'll continue to finish all of them.

The family has left this morning. Now I am back to normal and have time to think about my app.


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