Friday, October 01, 2010

XCode 3.2.4 and iOS 4.1

Today I checked the Apple Development web site to see if there is any new Xcode and iOS available. Then I found that Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS 4.1 are available for download. I remember that when I just finished watching WWDC10 videos, I could not get the new iOS 4.1. It was only available for registered developers. I am very glad that now it is open for all developers.

My current XCode is 3.2.1 and iPhone SDK is 3.1.3. The new package is in download progress. The size of the package is 2.94GB. Like I have recorded the space compassion my iMac updates, here is the difference of free space between before and after.

Command: df -lakUsed(Kilobytes in 1024-blocks)
Before ...1,609,459
Difference (A-B)819,017

Issues After the Update

After the update, I tried to open the project I am working on. The first issue is that I lost my Framework references. For example, my UIKit.framework item in Frameworks became red. iPhone 3.1.3 frameworks were all gone.

That issue actually was not hard to fix. I opened the project Get Info window, and changed the Base SDK for All the configurations to iOS 3.2. Then select a format for my project.

The second issue was not so straightforward. I saw an error when I tried to build the project. It is code signing issue with key chains.

After I googled the web for solutions, I found this answer from SO. Basically, default device for my build was set to iPhone, instead of Simulator. For device build, I do need to be a registered developer.

After I fixed those two issues, I am now back to my progress of development. XCode and iOS updates are very well back-compatible. The updates do not like Visual Studio update with a lots of changes or conversions. Maybe my project is just too simple?