Thursday, June 02, 2011

Use NET USE Command to Map Network Drive

Here is one senario about using network shared folders. One application requires a configuration file. The application has been used in our intranet environment with many users. Many users use the same configuration. It is preferable to put the configuration file on a shared network folder. I need to find a efficient way to let user be able to access to the file.

I use the following DOS command NET USE to dynamically allocate a network drive for the share one:

@IF EXIST \\remoteMachine\sharedFolder GOTO EXIT
@NET USE * \\remotemachine\sharedFolder pwd /user:userName /PERSISTENT:NO

In above codes, * is used to get next available drive letter for mapping. The key option is /PERSISTENT:NO. With this setting, the mapped drive will be released or not persistent after logout or reboot.

The main reason I use dynamic mapping is that I am not sure what network drive is available. It hard to find one no body in use. Since my application does accept UNC network full name, I don't care what network letter being assigned. In the configuration file, I use UNC network full name. Since the UNC name has been authenticated, it is as same as a drive letter for fast access.


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