Monday, August 01, 2011

Updated to Xcode 4.1

Today I updated me Xcode to 4.1. It is a free version available from Apple store. That means you either have to have Snow Leopard or Lion if you want to get it. Before Lion's release it was $5.00 from Apple Store. I have not started my iOS development for a while since I have been kept watching WWDC 2011 videos. Right now I am in the half way through 400 sessions and only 500 serials in my schedule. It is really good to learn OS and iOS new features from those session videos.

The update of Xcode is 3GB+, almost as big as Lion. After the installation the Install Xcode app stays in Applications folder. I removed it from there after the installation (I made a copy of this package to my external HD). The following is the welcome window.

I'll have to squeeze time to go back to my development.