Saturday, June 09, 2012

iOS 6 coming in WWDC 2012

According to the news from AppleInsider, iOS will be announced at WWDC 2012. This is really a welcome news. I have witnessed the evolution of iOS from it start. iOS was really good change with many improvements. For example, I like the storyboard very much. The storyboard makes the development much easy in terms of overall UI layout and workflow.

I guess there will be many great new changes in iOS 6.0. What I want the most is the generic template. It seems to me that I cannot define a generic protocol with generic in iOS or Objective-C, something like:

@protocol myAbstractInterface : NSObject <T>
- (void) methodA<T1>:(T1*) parameter1;

where myAbstractInterface is a template, T and T1 are a generic data types.

Currently, I have use concrete class types for T and T1. I hope Apple would make this feature available so that it makes true OO design much easier. Apple iOS architecture designers may have their own reason not to implement generics in this way, or they may introduce generics with difference strategies, or more efficient and elegant framework.

I'll keep close eye on the coming WWDC in just about 2 days.



Anonymous said...

Why can't you use id instead of templates?

There is certainly a disadvantage in that you don't have static checking if the method exists, but Objective-C as it stands certainly allows you to do this. I really doubt Apple will implement generics, when they have id. Hopefully, they will beef up the static analysis so it can warn you about situations where an object being passed in might not implement a required method.